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Other Realms 

Higher Vibrational Dimensional Energy

In a 3 dimensional world we are limited in our daily lives, preoccupied by lower vibrational distractions.

For those who have raised their vibration and are awakened from this, there are Other Realms waiting to be discovered. 

Lem​urian, Sirian and Atlantean Energy Systems and Symbols  

The symbols and mantras that were channeled from these systems have been used to release many human conditions and fears such as, sadness, grief, anger, resentment, past life and childhood trauma. 

 Sometimes triggers in you​r everyday life have deep rooted affects that we feel viscerally and need to be treated on an energetic cellular memory level. 

For over 21 years I have learned how to connect to different energy systems and the power of using symbols and mantras along with energy modalities. 

My belief, and the reason I am sharing this knowledge is that when we focus less on the details of what happened to us and more on the energy and healing ourselves, we can bring about change in our thinking and body without rehashing a lot of painful events and memories. 

Lemurian Energy

Lemurian energy is big and powerful, clearing all negativity, distress and discomfort. As the energies settle in the tangible feeling is like no other. 

It is on a much higher frequency and when channeled for helping others the Lemurian crystal becomes an extremely effect tool for moving stuck or old energy that no longer serves us.  

Atlantean Energy

Atlantean energy is a very powerful high vibrational energy that is very gentle when used during energy healing sessions. 

Larimar known as the Stone of Atlantis, brings the power of sea and sky, aids in contacting Angels, Dolphin energy, helps to create boundaries and connect to Goddess energy.