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Ancient Arts & Energy Systems Metaphysical Bazaar 

June 3rd, 2023 11am-8pm 

located upstairs (east side entrance) in the beautiful Key Lime Studio in Sherwood Park

Discover the power of Self-Healing Arts and join us for a day of New and Ancient healing modalities, Holistic Practitioners, Oracle card readings, Shamanism, Pendulum body scanning and Metaphysical tools, Sacred Crystal pieces and handmade products for all of your spiritual needs.

During the day we will also be offering free lessons in Third Eye activation, Sword cord cutting and clearing, powerful Rituals for chakra balancing, energy protection, the keys of destiny, (a journey back to the heart) 

how to use a pendulum and what is channeling? 

A schedule will be posted this week so whether you want to to experience certain modalities, 

get a reading or shop our wares, this day is about sharing knowledge and discovering your own spiritual gifts.

Admission is free, each practitioner, seer, reader/vendor will be offering their products/services for a cost.

Hosted by Dawn Dagres Temple of a New Dawn and Teresa Haspeck Compassion For Self-Healing

Dawn Dagres

In my search to remember who I am and where I originated, my beginning, I was able to collect and bring forth gifts as it is part of my soul’s destiny to share this spark of light with you. By going deep into my beginnings and channeling my Higher Self, I brought forth a process/system that was so easy to share and teach others, that no one has brought forth before. It’s available to you now, in love and light. 

Dawn is a caretaker of ancient crystal skulls, creator of The Keys of Destiny and with over 50 certifications and more than 25 years of experience in the holistic and ancient arts, she is excited to share her soulful knowledge with you!

Diana Beanblossom

Diana's unique pendulum body scanning technique is used for redefining emotions through energy healing, releasing trapped emotions, breaking down heart walls, and aligning the mind-body-spirit connection.

Her beautiful spirit and kind heart creates a safe space for helping you move through physical and emotional pain so that healing can begin. 

 Click here to book a time with Diana for June 3rd

Teresa Haspeck

Being a holistic practitioner for almost 25 years and a Seer most of my life I've been blessed to meet so many amazing people who helped me on my own spiritual journey. 

The most important lesson I learned was to share that knowledge with compassionate guidance to help others find love for themselves.

Spiritual Teachings 


The Keys of Destiny 

(A Journey Back to the Heart)

Dawn Dagres owner of Temple of a New Dawn


Pendulum (PERL Method) 

Learn how to use it for balancing

Diana Beanblossom owner of PERL Connetions


Channeling (the way of the Oracle) What is channeling 

Teresa Haspeck owner of 

Compassion for Self-Healing


Third Eye Activation Technique/Cord Cutting

Dawn Dagres owner of Temple of a New Dawn


Pendulum (PERL Method)

Learn how to use it for balancing

Diana Beanblossom owner of PERL Connetions


Reading Energy (the Etheric Body) 

Teresa Haspeck owner of 

Compassion for Self-Healing