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Tori’s Spiritual Journey began in her early 20s when she spent years travelling through many third world and western countries. These years of travels and Life experience opened her mind to new cultures, new thought, new ways of expressing spirituality, and alternative healing modalities. She became a certified Reiki Master in 1998, a Theta Practitioner in 2009, and has retained many certificates in other energy and Natural Healing and Wellness modalities through the years.

In 1999 her son was born with a severe heart probl​em that kept him in the hospital on life support for his first 6 months. Tori spent the next years fully focused on supporting his recovery and health. This stress took a toll on her own health and her ability to relax, stay focused and calm her mind and body. She found Meditation to be an important part of her everyday lifestyle to help manage her mind, stress, weight, and everyday daily life. Overall, she is a more fulfilled purposeful person. She has combined this with her knowledge of Herbology, nutrition, and the belief that we have the power to heal our mind, body and soul. She is inspired to share and teach people to achieve their goals for their own health and wellness.

Tori was certified in 2002 as a Vipassana instructor through the Willpower Institute which include 200 hours of study and theory and a 4 day meditation retreat in Thailand. Tori has practiced this and many meditations since. In 2017 she attained her TR -Transcendental Rebirthing  certification. 

Please see the Workshop page to contact Tori and to register for her upcoming TR event.