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Compassion For Self Live Simply Divine

Give the gift of Love to yourself this Valentine’s Day with the

Compassion For Self, Live Simply Divine Workshop

We are our own healers, no one can do the work of our soul except you, let’s

create divine space for your soul together. 

Looking to increase self-love, connect to spirit, feel and process energy, inner guidance, create divine space for your soul and have a willingness to change to believe in yourself.

Join us for a day of learning how to create divine space for your soul.

Included on the journey will be four forty five minute classes, breaks, snacks and refreshments, special welcome gift, notes, shopping and meeting like-minded people to guide you on your new journey.

Give the gift of Love to yourself and answer your soul calling,

stop procrastinating and start singing the tune you came here to sing.

Register today for spots are limited. We are offering a Show Compassion to yourself Special of $120 until February 1, 2023 after that the cost for the day is $150. Held at the Chamber Of Commerce Building off the Anthony Henday and Wye Road, 100 Ordze Road, Sherwood Park on February 11 from 12pm to 5pm. Doors open at 11:30am.

Courses included are:

Willingness To Change - Learn unconditional Love, remove old beliefs and patterns,

mirror work and love yourself instructed by Tina Arndt

The Path to Higher Self - What is energy, how to recognize and feel your own energy,

cord cutting, shielding, protecting, cleansing your space, and what are chakras by Teresa Haspeck

Creating Divine Space - Rewrite a new story for your life by releasing fears, setting boundaries, find your true power and live authentically to your values by Tina Arndt

Finding Spiritual Frequency - Difference between frequency and vibration, How to raise your vibration with frequency, Understanding the Clairs and your inner gifts, Other Realms and dimensions and developing a spiritual practice by Teresa Haspeck

Register now for spots are limited and feel less alone on your journey of creating divine space for your soul.

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